Startup Studio Playbook - Second Edition, English epub version

Attila Szigeti

For entrepreneurs, pioneers and creators who want to build ventures faster and with higher chance of success. Master the studio framework and start building.

"We used this book as our Bible for creating our venture builder. The stories are insightful and real, the method description is clear to understand and ready for use. We wished for a more detailed explanation of the financial forecasting part, and maybe more case studies not just from US and EU but also more remote and exotic areas. " - Tim Prescott, Co-Founder and CEO

"In this book you’re reading about a trend that will be wildly popular with a few years. Now is a good time to pick up some momentum and start experimenting with the startup studio framework." - Dave Brooks, General Partner

"Not knowing about the studio method caused me thousands of hours lost on my previous ideas. I wish I could go back in time and use this approach for building and keeping together my team. " - Stéphanie Schumer, Founder

Startup studios or venture builders are organizations that produce new startups. 

Similar to how Hollywood movie studios produce blockbuster movies. This approach is quickly gaining momentum, successful entrepreneurs, corporations and even traditional startup accelerators are creating their own studios.

For a good reason. The top benefits of the studio approach for entrepreneurs, idea owners and investors include:

+ Faster build go to market speed for new products and services -> market advantage over competitors;

+ More efficient operations and reduced impact of failure -> better return on investment;

+ Self-reinforcing organization that grows and learns from every success and failure.

This book is a collection of insightful stories about successful studios and their secrets. 

From US, Europe and Russia; including case studies of digital and hardware startup studios. And it is a hands-on guide about how to use the studio framework:

+ Proven practices to build and lead a Team of highly skilled venture builder experts;

+ Strategies to build investor relations and raise capital for the studio;

+ Tools to create the vision and strategy for a studio;

+ Guidelines to measure the viability of concepts;

+ Methods to generate an abundance of ideas.

By reading the book you will be able to understand the studio framework and mindset; have meaningful discussions in favor or against the approach; and use it for your own purposes:

+ Thought leaders looking for a platform to multiply their impact will learn how to create a studio supports their vision.

+ Startup studios will get a benchmark on other studios, finding ways to improve their own strategy and execution.

+ Entrepreneurs will learn how startup studios lowers the risk and impact of failure for early-stage startups.

+ Corporate innovators will get to know a new method for boosting their company’s innovation output.

+ Investors will get a high-level understanding of how startup studio can provide a stable deal-flow.

The first edition of this book was originally created in English, translated to Russian, Japanese and Persian. Practitioners of the startup studio community consider it as a de-facto body-of-knowledge of how to build and operate venture builders. This second edition is only available via Amazon. It is a streamlined and updated version with newer case studies and expanded studio framework.

Expand your skill set with the proven startup studio framework and use it to build new products and services.

About the Author

Building new ventures and startup studios since 2015: Attila Szigeti is an internationally recognized startup studio expert, author of the Startup Studio Playbook and other publications. He has operational experience in building and scaling venture builders. With this mastery, entrepreneurs and investors are setting up and scaling startup studios that offer an edge in building 

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Startup Studio Playbook - Second Edition, English epub version

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